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Why Merge?

What’s in it for members?

You’re looking to the future, and you want more – more options to bank when and where you need to, and the right tools to succeed financially. This merger will provide: 

What’s in it for employees?

Our employees are our greatest strength, and by merging our organizations we can combine their talent, expertise, and ideas. No one will lose employment as a result of the merger, there will be a place for everyone. A merged organization will create a powerhouse of innovation and collaboration that will propel us to new heights. This will bring opportunities for employees to join new teams, roles or locations and allow them to expand their skills and knowledge. Additional benefits include:

Nationally, we see fewer and fewer credit unions every year. The pace of consolidation has been escalating, and credit unions are becoming more proactive in determining their future. That scale helps credit unions manage the investments required by digital, technology, competitive, regulatory and security trends and changes. This creates stronger credit unions and better service for members.
*Source: CUCM, DGCM

What’s in it for communities?

One of the many things that make us great partners is that we all care deeply about and support our neighbourhoods, our communities, and the people who make Manitoba a better place every day. You are the leaders, volunteers, and employees of non-profits and community organizations. The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Festival du Voyageur, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival are just a few of the uniquely Manitoban events we have supported over the years. For you, our combined size, scale and strength means:

What’s in it for the credit union system?

While today we’re focused on the merger, we have always had our eye on what’s possible in the future. We care about the health of our entire credit union system as a strong and viable first choice for financial services in Manitoba and Canada. With this merger we’ll be one of the top 10 credit unions in Canada and, as a result, we will:

The credit union system in Manitoba is strong, with caisse and credit unions holding 41% of assets in the province, the highest across western Canada.
*Source: CCUA, Bank of Canada

Merger Guide

Released during the Recommendation Phase

Collaboration MB

Our Timeline

The proposed partnership between Assiniboine Credit Union, Caisse Financial Group and Westoba Credit Union has several phases.

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